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For example RD863926716IN
About India Post

India Post is a government-owned postal service of India that has been functional since 1854. It was the first postal service in India that has grown massive over the years. Also known as the Department of Posts, India Post has a wide postal network and is considered one of the largest postal systems with an Indian speed post tracking facility in the world.

India Post provides a wide range of services, including mail delivery, postal savings, money transfers, retail services, international speed post tracking, and insurance. It offers both domestic and international postal services, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. Compared to other parcel services like DHL or FedEx, India Post parcel services are affordable and easily accessible.

How to Track India Post?

India Post consignment tracking is an easy process and only requires a few details like name and India Post tracking ID to get started. Here is how you can track India Post parcels.


Go to the India Post website and locate the Track & Trace" section. In this section, go to the "Track Consignment” section for India Post speed post tracking.


Have your India Post tracking ID handy and enter the space in the Search section.


Click the "Track" button and wait for a while as the website gathers your shipment's online speed post tracking details. The India Post tracker is fast and provides accurate results.


As the India Post tracking results display, you can learn about your parcel's current status and location. As the India Post parcel tracking is detailed, you will get details related to the date and time of dispatch, transit locations, and delivery updates.

What does the India Post track number look like?

India Post tracking number or consignment number is usually a 13-character-long unique alphanumeric code for domestic speed post and registered post. The India Post speed post tracking number starts with E while the India Post registered post starts with for alphabets. The e-money order tracking link of India Post will have 18 digits.

Domestic Speed Post- ET124457769IN
Domestic Registered Post- TT122458729IN.

Where Do I Find My India Post Tracking Number?

The easiest way to find the India Post tracking number is to refer to the shipment slip. If you don’t have it, you can see this detail in the email confirmation of the shipment. For those with an account on India Post, this information will also be present in your Order History.

How to Track an India Post Package Without a Tracking Number?

India Post tracking number is required for accurate tracking. If you have lost this detail, the ideal way to track India Post's status is to contact the sender, post office, or India Post customer support to gather relevant information.

Why Can't I Track My India Post Package?

Postal speed post tracking might fail when you’re tracking before the shipment is even shipped or entering the wrong India Post tracking details. This also happens with other postal services like Aliexpress, DHL, Amazon, and VRL. You need a tracking number to find the status of the shipment.

What Are India Post Services?

India Post offers a variety of postal services to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses, such as:

Speed Post

It is a premium and time-bound postal service for sending letters, documents, and parcels within India. The Speed Post tracking status can be fetched online through the official site. This service delivers your parcel within 1 to 6 days.

International EMS Speed Post

Available for international shipments, India Post International EMS Speed Post is the fast and reliable delivery of documents and parcels to various countries.

Just like the ePacket tracking facility of China, India Post users can also track international packages. An Internet-based Track & Trace System allows users to perform EMS speed post tracking conveniently.

Before sending out your consignment or thinking about EMS tracking, you must learn about the weight and size restrictions for international shipping that vary by country. Check them out here.

How to Track a Speed Post Package?

You can do India Post speed post tracking by using the India Post tracking number and entering the tracking portal of India Post.

Registered Post

Avail of India Post Registered Post service for shipping valuable items as you get added security, tracking, and a receipt of delivery with this postal service.

Standard Post Option

Standard Post is the regular postal service for sending non-urgent mail and packages within India. It is an economical option that you can use for non-time-sensitive shipments.

International Air Parcels

India Post offers speedy and extensive international air parcel services across the world. You can send packages and parcels to destinations worldwide at an affordable cost.

Prohibited India Post

Items like narcotics, drugs, flammable items, hazardous chemicals, ammunition, radioactive materials, live animals, and currencies using the India Post parcel service.

How can I Calculate the Cost of Postal Services India Post?

The cost of an India Post parcel depends on the kind of services you want to avail, the weight and category of the shipment, and the distance between and from locations. You can use the calculator to get an estimate. You must provide details like ‘Send To’ and ‘Send From,’ city/pin code, and article details. Provide accurate dimension details to get the right information about the package.


Tariff details for India Post's postal services can vary depending on the type of service, weight, dimensions, destination, and other factors. You can use the calculator to find exact pricing details.

How Can I Find the Pin Code of My Area?

India Post offers the ‘Find Pin Code’ feature to accurately assist you in finding your area's pin code. As you will land on the Home Page, this feature is mentioned there. Click on the section and provide details such as your state, district, and locality or address. You will get details of the PIN code corresponding to your area in a few seconds.

How do I Find the India Post Office?

Visit the official India Post website, and you will see the "Find Post Offices" or "Locate Post Office" section on the Home page. Click on the section and enter your location details, such as city, state, or PIN code. You will get details like addresses, contact numbers, and operating hours of the India Post office.

How Long Does it Take for India Post to Deliver a Package?

India Post parcel delivery depends on multiple factors. For instance, Speed Post delivers faster than Standard Post; domestic speed post mail will reach early to its destination as compared to International speed post mail. The standard delivery time is 1-3 days for local mail, 3-5 days for metro-to-metro, and so on.

How Can I Redirect the Mail to Another Address?

Redirecting emails to another address is a seamless process with India Post. All you need to do is to open the account that you used to book the shipment and go to Home>>Menu>>Mail Services>>Manage Mail>>Redirect Mail. This has to be done before the shipment is delivered or assigned to the delivery person.

How Can I Reschedule My Pickup Appointment?

Rescheduling a pickup appointment at India Post takes only a few clicks. Just go to Home >> Menu >> Mail Services >> PickUp Request, and make a request. Keep in mind that rescheduling is not possible if the product is shipped.

How Can I Cancel My Pickup?

You can cancel the pickup with India Post only if the shipment is not shipped. To cancel the pick-up, go to Home>>Menu>>Mail Services>>PickUp Request>>Cancel PickUp. Once the order is shipped, you can’t cancel it.

Can I Give a Different Address to Return the Order?

Yes, you can provide a different return address. Contact India Post customer care support or go to your account and enter the desired return address in the ‘ Return Address’ section.

India Post Contacts

You can put forward your concern or inquire about India Post parcel tracking on the toll-free India Post contact number, 1800 266 6868. The customer care agents are available from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm every day, except Sunday and gazetted holidays, while the IVR facility is offered 24 x 7. You can write to India Post at [email protected].

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